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It’s not a miracle, and it’s not a “secret”, or a “loophole”... or any of the other fancy terms you’ve been used to hearing about trading software.

Channel Ranger is none of that!

Channel Ranger is simply software that uses a VERY logical and profitable market setup to make money.

I’ve NOT invented the wheel here! For over 80 years, financial market prices have moved (at certain times of the day) sideways, i.e. price channels.

These price channels can be VERY profitable if you spot them at the right time AND if you spot when they end (so you can stop placing trades).

What I’ve done, is create the only software in existance that:

  1. Accurately finds the START of a price channel;
  2. Accurately places CALLs at the bottom of the channel (before price goes UP), and PUTs at the top of the channel (before price goes DOWN);
  3. Accurately identifies the end of channels (in order to STOP placing trades).

This is how Channel Ranger makes money for you - automatically.

You can view my own account below, and I guarantee that this is a REAL account - traded by Channel Ranger.

You can freely browse through my income statement and see various income details, but I’ve disabled the other tabs for privacy reasons.